Deep performance analysis
for real estate investment managers

Understand and improve the performance variables of your fund or portfolio

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Creating Scenario’s

Create and automate Hold/sell analysis, add pipeline projects, simulate future leverage and much more

Delta analysis

Compare your realized or forecasted returns against target or previous reported return using our unique algorithm

Fund Reporting

Automated performance reporting for external stakeholders, and detailed internal reports and analysis

Create scenario’s – One version of the truth

Hold/sell analysis

What will happen to you portfolio or fund after applying your divestment program? Simulate different scenario’s and see the difference in performance and risk!

Add projects and see the impact in just a few clicks

How does your portfolio change after adding the certain and uncertain pipeline projects? In just a few clicks you add projects and you can see the impact in performance and risk.

Future leverage

How is then loan-to-value changing over time in your forecast? And what will happen to the performance and risk when you increase or decrease the leverage effect? Find it out by adjusting just a few parameters.

Tune yields

What is the impact on your portfolio or fund when exit yields change? Simulate increases or decreases of exit yields in certain regions or asset classes. Also, you can simulate different inflations, adjusted gross/net ratio’s and much more.

Delta Analysis

Breakdown of returns

Our unique algorithm allows you to create a breakdown of any of your KPI’s, like IRR or TWR. This is the basis for Delta analysis. What is the cause of the outperformance of your investment proposals? Why is the new forecast lower than last quarter? These questions are answered by FundStar in any detail level.


Best-practises in reporting

Get ahead of the game and relieve your workforce by providing them with state of the art tooling, instead of cumbersome, error sensitive and outdated programs.

Client Cases

Real Estate Investment Management: Altera

Cyril van den Hoogen – CFO: “FundStar really connects. We are now more in control on the origins of our portfolio performance. Due to the insights FundStar delivers, interaction on performance outcomes has become easy and effective.”

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