FundStar in the battle against COVID-19

Our customers are seeing that COVID-19 has a big impact. Primarily, this crisis has an impact on the cash flows and predictability of your funds. FundStar offers you the opportunity to create and analyse real-time scenarios. As a result, all teams have access to the same qualitative data and you can easily answer your lender’s and shareholders’ questions.

The feedback we’re getting from our customers is that their tenants are asking for a discount or postponement of payments. New construction and maintenance of valuable assets are being delayed, shareholders want to have an insight into the impact in the short and long term. Do you want to be able to answer in minutes queries about the liquidity and how changes in yields are affecting returns and dividends? Your teams can easily answer these and other questions online with FundStar, so you can always get out of this crisis on top.

As a one-time offer, we give unlimited access to FundStar for two months.

Within three days you will have:

  • an understanding of all factors affected by COVID-19

  • an online tool for teams to run scenarios independently

  • increased data quality, which prevents errors

  • real-time professional data visualisation

  • instant reporting for lenders and/or shareholders

  • an online environment that you can share with lenders and/or shareholders

Discover FundStar

FundStar completes every team with real-time scenarios for fund/portfolio performance and improvement of data quality. We improve the performance of any property portfolio or fund with a range of automated analyses.

“Orange IM can now increase efficiency, control and transparency for all stakeholders involved in improving operational excellence in management and investor performance analysis and reporting”

Jouke Schneider, Co-owner, Orange Investment Managers

“FundStar really connects. We are now more in control on the origins of our portfolio performance. Due to the insights FundStar delivers, interaction on performance outcomes has become easy and effective.”

Cyril van den Hoogen, CFO, Altera