“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”

  – Albert Einstein

Performance Management in just a couple of clicks

We believe that Performance Management should be conducted and explained in three easy steps. No matter how complex or how large your company or portfolio is:

  1. Fund / Investors to Portfolio
  2. Portfolio to Assets, Accounts, Regions or Types
  3. Drilldown to the most detailed level

Operational performance data has to be calculated and analysed first before it can be compared to the initial mid-term and long-term expectations of management boards, investors and other stakeholders. Although the complexity around it is often enormous, individual stages can easily be simplified. This is what Fundstar facilitates.

Performance Management Process and Interaction

We believe that quantitative performance management and interaction are equally important. Performance Management is a process that requires a deep level of understanding of and communication about how to create the most added value for your management teams, investors and other stakeholders. For this reason, annual, quarterly or monthly planning & control cycles are always embedded in FundStar. We break through communication barriers and make your life substantially easier. This in an environment where performance management is usually only adequate often communicated through a web of several departments, colleagues and external stakeholders.

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