FundStar Software Suite

FundStar Strategic Performance Management

Calculate, monitor, analyse and present financial performance KPIs (IRR, TWR, financial ratios) highly efficiently and effectively in just a couple of clicks on desktop, notebook, tablet or phone. Analyse and interact with all stakeholders on what really matters. Drill down from the top strategic fund level to portfolio, asset, account, region, type and many other levels. Clearly understand performance and why it fails to meet initial long-term expectations. The module is compatible with the main industry standards such as NCREIF, INREV, ANREV and IPD.

FundStar Interactive Graphs

To provide state of the art graphics to shed light on fund and portfolio performance, FundStar has developed interactive graphs offering users a very powerful tool to analyse and present this performance on screen. These graphs can be included in your internal and external documentation through an innovative download feature.

FundStar Fund Level Hold Sell Analysis

This module provides users with an innovative tool to carry out the periodic Hold-Sell process from asset to portfolio to fund. The process is executed very efficiently and effectively in five clear steps leading to accurate hold-sell decisions for assets and their impact on the current and future portfolio as well as on fund performance and size.

FundStar Beyond Fund

Calculate, analyse and compare funds or portfolios on an aggregated level based upon the same calculation methodologies and standards. Benchmark assets and portfolios and their past and future performance against the assets and portfolios of all funds under management. The Beyond Fund module furthermore enables you to link investor returns and other KPIs to specific investors. This includes tracking each investor’s capital calls, dividend payments and other equity movements.

FundStar Scenarios and Sensitivity Analysis

How will the performance (KPIs) of funds, portfolios, assets, types and regions develop in particular scenarios? What if certain parameters and assumptions change? FundStar Scenarios and Sensitivity Analysis offers a powerful answer to these questions. New forecasts can be made with the changed parameters.

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